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En dan is er ook nog:

‘Wanneer kan ik meedoen aan een workshop en hoeveel kost die?’ 

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Een goed gesprek met – rust en aandacht

Wat kinderen krijgen met ons doet 

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What do new forms of communication with gossip?

In the town where I live an administrator, well known to all inhabitants, committed suicide. It’s awful for his family, his wife and son. I think you can imagine that. It even gets more awful because of the communication about … Lees verder

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Do new communication forms make us more intelligent?

My children get their marks digitally. Their developments in school are continually available via the internet. My mother-in-law is 70 years old, retired as a teacher. She is used to the report books of her children en of her pupils. They … Lees verder

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Do you bother about the ongoing influence of new media on society?

You read my blog so… …I think you must be one of the people who are enrolled to new forms of communication. Am I right? Or are you not happy with these developments?

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