MS, mindfulness and me – being mild (or not?)

I don’t like complaints

Not too many. I have secondary progressive MS but I am happy that people complain about me, so I don’t have to make complaints myself. I am proud when someone thinks I am bright and positive. I am, partly. I don’t complain too much. Next to that, I am regularly depressive and I am having fights with my family.

Meditating mild

This morning I meditated on the voice of Edel Maex, a Belgian mindful psychiatrist. He spoke about the importance of mildness in mindfulness. I agree, mildness is very important. I’m being mild, about myself, about my dear ones, about my disease. I am being mild and sometimes I am not. Like I was mild when my mother gave me a new brush for the toilet. I didn’t know I needed a new one. It was a bit bigger than the one I had and it didn’t fit well either. But okay, I accepted the gift, being mild. My father decided to put the garbage somewhere else than where I put it. At his place it was more out of sight,  so it would bother people around us less. I couldn’t see my garbage either and I forgot that there was any. I accepted the kind gesture. I  was being mild.

Today I forgot to put the garbage outside for the dust cart. The garbage my father put somewhere else has been around the house for 3 months now. Today I wanted to use the toilet brush. It was stuck in the box. I pulled it out and my socks were wet with dirty water.

Mildness confused with acceptance

Mildness helps, I’m sure it helps. And sometimes I am afraid of the mistake of the confusion that  it can be used as ‘acceptance’. Sometimes being irritated by something can help too. First lesson should be: be mild about yourself. Noboy’s perfect!


Over iljas

Ilja Aussems is mijn naam. Ik ben specialist in "een goed gesprek met" Ik blog er elke week over, met mijn opleiding als communicatie-wetenschapper en mijn werkervaring als docent / trainer en adviseur bij de hand. Ik begeleid professionals die willen groeien in hun werk en/of privé. Ik ben jouw bruggenbouwer, train en begeleid je bij een goed gesprek met jezelf en met je doelgroep in je werk (klanten / cliënten, leerlingen, collega's, netwerk) en privé (jezelf, je relatie, je gezin).
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