MS, mindfulness and me

Why English?

I decided to write an English blog because of the international communication I use a lot. And my Dutch readers can understand English. Since 2012 I received the diagnosis of secundary-progressive MS. Very late because the first relapse I had (that’s what I think now) was in 1999. I had problems abroad, in Spain. I went to the hospital there but we couldn’t communicate in any language. Spanish doctors only spoke Spanish and my Spanish didn’t go well. When I came back home (in Holland) my problems (vision) were nearly over.



After that I had more relapses but I moved. I have another doctor. So he did not use the former information of my health. Too busy I think. But…I did not have many relapses. I think it’s because of my intuition. Since 20 years I eat vegetarian. I only eat fish. Since the diagnosis I ate meat sometimes. But I think that was not such a good idea for me. It made me feel sicker.So I stopped eating meat.  The other reason for the fact that intuition helped me is mindfulness. I am a mindfulness teacher. I decided to do the education before I got the diagnosis MS. I  practise a lot and it helps me.

And now I am trying to feel as well as possible in my condition. It’s not possible but I’ll let you know when I am cured.


Over iljas

Ilja Aussems is mijn naam. Ik ben specialist in "een goed gesprek met" Ik blog er elke week over, met mijn opleiding als communicatie-wetenschapper en mijn werkervaring als docent / trainer en adviseur bij de hand. Ik begeleid professionals die willen groeien in hun werk en/of privé. Ik ben jouw bruggenbouwer, train en begeleid je bij een goed gesprek met jezelf en met je doelgroep in je werk (klanten / cliënten, leerlingen, collega's, netwerk) en privé (jezelf, je relatie, je gezin).
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